This week's result 2/5/2017:
I.F.C. AJAX 7 – 0 Oakland Defiant

Ajax 2016/2017 Goal Scorers:

Mason Webb (9)
Kurt Dittmar (2)
Noak Merl (5)

Camillo Coelho (4)
Hector Tavera (4)
Matt Hartsock (4)
Mike Haralambakis (3)

Adam Hunter (2)
Daniel Sanchez (2)
Jorge Gutierrez (2)
Keely Wachs (2)
Mehrdad Rahmani (2)
Omar Parra (2)
Dave Miller (1)
Ed N'Tiri (1)
Kamani Hill (1)

Ajax 2016/2017 Assist:
Fernando Portugal (6)
Adam Hunter (5)
Mike Haralambakis (5)
Matt Hartsock (5)
Omar Parra (5)
Camillo Coello (4)
Dave Miller (4)
Noah Merl (4)
Kurt Dittmar (3)
Keely Wachs (2)
Mason Webb (2)
Derrick Brown (1)
Jorge Gutierrez (1)

Hector Tavera (1)

2016-2017 Roster

Keely Wachs (M), Daniel Sanchez (D), Jorge Gutierrez (F) 
Mederick Ravel (D), Fernando Portugal (M),
Kurt Dittmar (F), Tu Nguyen (D), Kamran Ghanbari (GK)
Adam Hunter (F), Mehrdad Rahmani (D)
Mike Haralambakis (M), Jon Mayo (M), John Black (D)
Camilo Coelho (F), Ricardo Martinez (F), Peter Brunn (GK)
Santos Granados (M), Derrick Brown (D), Omar Parra (F)
Dave Miller (M), Noah Merl (D), Hector Tavera (M)
Matt Hartsock (M), Ed N’tiri (D), Derek Jostad
Masonb Webb (F) and Kamani Hill (F)

    I.F.C. AJAX         
is a men's over 30 team currently playing in the 
'A' division of the EBSSL.
If you are at least 30 years of age and 
you are a talented soccer player looking 
for challenging competition and a fun group of guys 
from all over the globe, this team is for you. 
If you are interested to join, email Kamran at:
You can also visit us on Facebook by clicking on the link below:

March 5th, 2017 
vs. Rovers
9am @ Gilman South


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